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This is a medium town in the Puri district, lies on the coast by the Bay of Bengal. 13th century Sun Temple boasts its value. It is also known as the “Black Pagoda” as it is made up of black granite during the reign of NarasimhaDeva-I. This temple of Konark is a World Heritage Site. During December, Konark becomes the home of cultural heights. Konark Dance Festival is totally devoted to classical Indian dance forms, including the traditional dance form of Odisha.

The temple is designed as a gigantic chariot of the Sun God, with 12 pairs of wheels pulled by seven horses. Each and every wheel is a sun-dial. In the old days, the main idol of Sun God used to remain suspended in the air with the help of the huge magnet at the peak and another magnet fixed at the basement. It belongs to the Kalingan school of Indian temple architecture.

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