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Simultala is a hamlet in Bihar in India. It is a famous as a health resort. The temperate climate is inviting. In the past, people used to stay here for months. These days, tourist stay for many days only to enjoy the natural beauty of simultala again.Simultala is also called mini Simla of India.It is an ideal spot for Night Sky Observation and Nature Study. October to March are the best time for visiting Simultala.
Shimultala, though on the Main Line of Eastern Railway is yet to develop. It is still a virgin country with valleys. hillocks, brooks and rivulets. Electricity is scarce and at this age,you can only get 24 hours electricity in anya resort only.Here you get tranquility, solitude and peace seldom found else where. The sound of silence, the far bigger sky dotted with innumerable twinkling stars and the pristine settings makes one go back to the nostalgic past. There is not much of site seeing involved. This is a place where one goes for lazy walks mile after mile through forest and hillocks and come back refreshed. Drinking the water of the wells make one hungry even a few hours after a sumptuous meal. You only sit back with your favorite book or with your family or with your friends and friend\’s friend and watch time go by. Visit here to get a refreshing weather anytime of the year. Local people are cozy in welcoming and food is cheap and best. Look for the mammoth old buildings mostly deserted but great in style.
There are picturesque place around to make the journey to Simultala a worthwhile experience.To visit places around, auto rickshaw, hired car, cycle rickshaw and tongas are available at the raiways station. Regular auto rickshaw runs from Simulatla to Telwa bazar, which is a market place situated at 4 km from the Simultala railway station.

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