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140 kms. from Kolkata, Bakkhali is one of the islands of the Sunderbans delta region. Bakkhali is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in India. It is lined with casuarinas and one can enjoy a fantastic sunset here. Bakkhali is unique in many ways. The rickshaw van is the only form of local transport. During the day, you can visit the crocodile propagation centre at Bakkhali. Jambu Dwip, unpopulated and wooded isle out in the sea is also can be a good destination also. Henry\’s Island and temple of Banabibi is located near by. Fishing is the primary occupation of the people. Agriculture is almost non-existent because of the extreme salinity of adjacent sea.

Sir Andrew Fraser, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal (1903–1908) in the early twentieth century, is credited with "discovery" of the place. In recognition of his efforts a part of the town is named Frasergunj. There is a dilapidated house near the beach, which according to the locals was the one in which Fraser used to stay. The windmills in Frasergunj serve as a power generating location. There is a fishing harbor at Frasergunj and Benfish, a wing of the state government has a presence nearby.


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