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Menmecho Lake is one of the most serene and tranquil lake of Sikkim at an altitude of 13000 feet. Surrounded by untouched pine forests and deep slopes, Menmecho Lake is said to change colours every minute.

It is a beautiful lake located 20 KMs. ahead of Tsomgo Lake. It lies cradled between the mountains below the Jelepla Pass and is source of river Rangpo-chu. It derives its water from melting snows around. The lake is famous for its Trout and a farm to cultivate these fish also exist nearby. As it is a important trout breeding centre, it is a tourist restricted spot. You need permission from the Gangtok Fisheries Dept. to visit and stay at the cottage near
the Lake.

The lake is fed by the waters of the surrounding mountains of Jelep La Pass and stays frozen from January to August. A narrow bumpy ascending winding road 4.5 kilometers beside Baba Mandir would take you near to Menmecho Lake.Most of the year, due to weather conditions, cars would not be able to reach Menmecho Lake but you can trek these 4.5 kms to reach the lake. There is a viewpoint on the banks of the lake for the trekkers to rest and watch the beauty of the lake unfold before them. Apart from its mystic beauty, Menmecho Lake is also famous for its trout population. The lake is one of the best Trout cultivation centres of Sikkim and the Fisheries Department even maintains a cottage here.

This high altitude lake is surrounded by virgin forests and fed by the glacial waters brought by gurgling rivers and water falls. The sandy banks of the river gives it an appearance of a sea beach. The crystal clear water teems with trout and the high mountain walls guard the secrets of this lake. Apart from its mystic beauty, Memencho Lake is also famous for its trout population. This lake is one of the important trout breeding centres of Sikkim.

Its a different world out here – the mountain streams meet the lake skirting through a sandy beach surrounded by pine forests inhabited by Ghorals and Himalayan Bears. Just before the winters in November, you would find migratory birds resting on these placid waters. There is a bungalow overlooking the forest and streams just 10 mins walk from the lake. Special permits are required to reach this bungalow and the lakeside because the road leading to this lake is guarded by the Indian Army. There is a viewpoint on the bank of the lake for the trekkers to rest and watch the beauty of the lake unfold before them. However, you really need to stay overnight in this lakeside bungalow to stand witness to some of the most amazing moments of your life.

Imagine! – a moonlit night – you are sitting in the bungalow’s terrace amidst deep  forests – the sound of lake water lapping on its shore – the gust of wind through forests and gorges making an eerie sound and the sandy beach of the lake seems like a silver lace all around the lake. To top it all – the caretaker and his wife serves you some local delicacies. Yes..fairies come alive here..at MenmoiTso…

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